How to get a Hollywood career…or lost in Mongolia

It’s a long road to a script sale

It’s a long road to a script sale

When I started this blog back in 1902 or whatever, I wanted to record the major milestones on my journey to becoming a professional writer. I’ve made embarrassing mistakes, gained amazing allies, and gotten some awesome opportunities. I also discovered the one thing that made it all possible and if you’re going after a huge, crazy, out-of-touch-right-now dream, you will need buckets of it: MOMENTUM.
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I got a meeting!

I’ll make my first trip to LA next month to meet with a respected manager. Let’s all do the happy dance together!

Thanks to everyone who’s cheered me on this past year. I owe giant gratitude to my friends and family, Lee Zahavi-Jessup and the team at ScriptShark, Lynne Shook, Gary Wolfe, and Geoffrey Sanborn.

I’m not there yet, but I wouldn’t be here without all of you.  xo Kelly