How Much Script Coverage is Enough?

Does this dress make me look fat? Is the Rudolph-red zit on my nose noticeable? I can’t help but ask these questions even though I know, I just know, I might not like the answers. And I never ask just one person…I ask everyone I meet. They all have a different answer depending on their relationship with me, their personal agendas and whether or not they’re actually interested in my zits.

Recently, I had a similar experience with my script.

After the sixth draft, I knew that I had an entertaining story. But I wanted an entertaining product. So, I did what I always do…I sought an objective opinion. I asked a script coverage service, “does this script make me look fat?” I also asked two other well known services. I waited anxiously for my golden tickets to arrive and then…

I panicked.

Each coverage service had a very different opinion on my dear script. Each one pointed out very different opportunities for improvement. Did I grab my red pen and jump into that rewrite? Of course not. I stuffed it all in a drawer and attempted to learn knitting for the seventh time. I just wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of albeit constructive criticism. It’s hard enough to face one dissenting reader, but how could I reconcile the fact that the readers disagreed with each other? Weren’t these people professionals? Wasn’t there one right answer to making my script a blockbuster?
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