Kelly’s creative writing career began when her parents decided to keep her an only child. As a result, she developed a sharp sense of story and character motivation. Her first documented story revolved around a six-year old heroine, a broken lamp and a giant blob from Neptuna. Although the story was highly praised for its pacing, the heroine was still grounded for the weekend.

After a distinguished career in high school as a creative writer in both English and French languages, she studied Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, until she tragically contracted “I got that-itis” and was forced to switch into an English major. Kelly started writing screenplays as a writing exercise and since then, her scripts have made the finals of Austin Film Festival, Slamdance, and the PAGE Awards.

Her latest comedy feature, “Life’s A Beaut” won the Grand Prize of the Stage 32 Comedy Competition, and her sitcom pilot “Life in 140 Characters or Less” is currently a finalist in the 2016 PAGE Awards.

Her goals include working with Melissa McCarthy, writing a script for Helen Mirren, learning to walk in high heels…and world peace.

Awards and Honors:

  • Top 10 TV Comedies, 2016 Page International Screenwriting Awards
  • Grand Prize Winner, 2016 Stage 32 Comedy Feature Competition
  • Finalist, 2014 The Black List “Fade to Black Award”
  • Top 5, 2010 Final Draft’s “Big Break” International Screenwriting Competition
  • Top 25 Comedies, 2010 Page International Screenwriting Awards
  • Finalist, 2010 Slamdance Script Competition